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Bridgestone launches Tizona, a new high-capacity logistics centre in Burgos

  • With an investment of over 40 million euros, the new logistics center ‘Tizona’ allows the company to store over 800,000 tyres.
  • Tizona is set to improve Bridgestone EMEA’s logistics and storage capabilities in Burgos, contributing to the company’s premium strategy through a commitment to digitalization, innovation, and sustainability.
  • Present at the opening of this smart logistic center were the Spanish Minister of Industry and Tourism, Jordi Hereu, the President of Castilla y León, Alfonso Fernández Mañueco, and the Mayor of Burgos, Cristina Ayala, among other dignitaries.

Bridgestone EMEA today unveiled Tizona, its new smart logistics facility for tyre storage in Burgos, Spain. This opening marks the launch of one of Bridgestone’s most significant logistics centers in Europe, representing a large boost to the growth and development of its facilities in Burgos. 

Spanning over 44,500 square meters – the equivalent of nearly 10 football fields – the center enables the company to store more than 800,000 tyres in a single location. The result of an over 40-million-euro investment, Tizona creates over 50 direct jobs and is expected to generate a further positive impact on employment in Burgos. 

A new logistics and storage concept in Burgos

Incorporating the latest technologies available in the sector, as well as various innovation projects developed exclusively by Bridgestone for this project, the new logistics center is at the forefront of logistics management. 

With 10 meters of storage height, 24 loading docks, and over 31 truck holding zones, Tizona enables enhanced productivity, more efficient goods processing and redefined storage capabilities. Thanks to the new center, Bridgestone is significantly increasing its export capacity, and strengthening the sales and distribution capabilities of Burgos' production nationally and internationally – making the facility a benchmark in the industry. 

With this new center, Bridgestone has made a commitment to combine innovation, quality, and a positive environmental impact. 

Tizona has received a “Very Good” rating from sustainable construction certifier, BREEAM, which indicates that very high environmental standards have been met in its creation. The center was developed in collaboration with Panattoni, a leading logistics-industrial real estate developer in Europe, using a selection of high-quality and sustainable materials.

Sustainability will also be a key focus in the center’s day-to-day operations, thanks to a myriad of intelligent sensors that ensure efficiency in transportation and responsible consumption. Tizona also features a rooftop installation of photovoltaic panels that can generate up to 100 KWp of electric power for self-consumption, contributing to the building's energy efficiency. 

Commenting on Tizona’s opening was Jerome Boulet, VP Supply Chain EMEA at Bridgestone: "This investment fits in our strategic vision of promoting greener and smarter operations, where automation plays an instrumental role to become more efficient and sustainable. Tizona is boosting an integrated and stronger supply chain in Europe, contributing to our customer commitment to serve them with superior quality. We are proud to inaugurate this state-of-the-art facility that showcases our innovation and leadership in the tyre industry." 

Applying the latest technology for intelligent loading and unloading operations, electronic systems are also being implemented to manage data in real-time, giving this logistics center the highest flexibility as well safety and fire prevention standards (level 9). The infrastructure of this logistics center enables the future development of Bridgestone's first high-bay warehouse in Europe, which is an automated, self-supporting vertical space that allows for the highest storage standards. 

Joining the opening of these facilities were the Spanish Minister of Industry and Tourism, Jordi Hereu, the President of Castilla y León, Alfonso Fernández Mañueco, and the Mayor of Burgos, Cristina Ayala. 

The commitment to the Burgos plant remains steadfast 

Bridgestone remains committed to driving forward the development and sustainability of the Burgos plant, where it has recently announced an investment plan of up to 207 million euros to 2030, boosting automation, vulcanization, and logistic flexibility. With this investment, the factory is expected to undergo a progressive evolution towards predominantly manufacturing premium large-diameter HDR tyres (18" and above), with productivity in this segment expected to increase by over 20%. 

Tizona will play a critical role in the transformation of the Burgos facilities by increasing stock capacities for the more than 11 million tyres manufactured annually at the plant for both passenger vehicles and original equipment. 

Adding to the praise of Tizona, José Enrique González, VP of Bridgestone Europe South said, “Tizona represents a glimpse into our future as a company in Europe and the rest of the world, demonstrating our strong ambition to combine technology with human talent. Together with the earlier announced investment of up to 207 million euros by 2030 in the production plant, the new warehouse is a testimony to the Bridgestone E8 Commitment, combining a positive impact on our environment as well as ensuring a boost to our business and the region. At Bridgestone, we are excited about these next steps, marking a new era in growth, and sustainability.” 

Both Bridgestone's investment plan and these new logistics facilities reaffirm the company's E8 Commitment, comprised of eight values beginning with the letter "E" (Energy, Ecology, Efficiency, Extension, Economy, Emotion, Ergonomics, and Empowerment) which usher the company towards achieving a truly sustainable business. Specifically, the project is perfectly aligned with the "Ecology," "Energy," "Efficiency," "Extension," and "Economy" values of this Commitment. 

Media information: Liesbeth Denys, Director Corporate Communications, Bridgestone EMEA: +32 478 78 26 22 

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