Bridgestone India sets up Butterfly & Bird parks at its two plants


·       Home to 170 butterfly and 105 bird species; audited by Bombay Natural History Society

·       Pune plant park covers 2.83 Acres; Indore plant park covers 1.23 Acres

Butterfly & Bird parks_01_BSID_14-12-2023

As part of its commitment towards the environment and sustainability Bridgestone India has developed butterfly and bird parks at its two plants in Pune and Indore. Covering a combined area of over 4 acres these parks currently have 170 butterfly and 105 bird species as per the audit conducted by the Bombay Natural History Society. The project commenced in 2020 and till date over 7000 saplings of Host and Nectar plants have been planted to create an ecosystem for the butterflies and birds. This is a rich biodiverse ecosystem of flora and fauna which supports butterfly life cycle and attracts them to the park where they lay eggs and continue to feed.   

The success of these biodiversity parks can be gauged from the fact that when the Bombay Natural History Society conducted the audit in 2020 there were a total of 79 species of butterflies and 69 species of birds. This has now grown to a population of 170 butterfly and 105 bird species. The 2.83 acre park in Pune have a 100 species of butterflies and 57 species of birds. The 1.23 acre park at Indore has 70 species of butterflies and 48 species of birds as per the 2023 survey conducted by the Bombay Natural History Society.

“The creation and success of these bio-diversity parks showcases the co-existence of industry with nature and is in sync with Bridgestone’s global focus on being in harmony with nature. We developed this garden to also create awareness and invite school students and their families, local communities, and stakeholders to visit and understand the importance of biodiversity and their role in promoting it. These parks in Pune and Indore are an example of our employees and local communities coming together towards biodiversity conservation.” said Mr. Stefano Sanchini, Managing Director, Bridgestone India.

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The audit also revealed that some butterfly species that are not common to Pune and Indore were seen at the respective bio-diversity parks. In Pune, few butterflies which were quite rare to see in this area such as Joker (Byblia ilithyia), Long Branded Bushbrown (Mycalesis visala), Peacock Royal (Tajuria cippus), Plains Blue Royal (Tajuria jehana), Common Shot Silverline (Spindasis ictis) were sighted. While at Indore Blue Mormon (Papilio polymnestor), Common Shot Silverline (Spindasis ictis) which are rare in these parts were sighted.

Bridgestone also ensures active engagement with communities and participation from employees, across programs, to further amplify the intended impact. With this focus, 2203 employees have participated in plantation drives and development of nature trials. 3855 villagers and school children have been involved in Kitchen Gardening and Plastic Free Schools initiatives.  The Company’s engagement with 10 villages around its two plants has resulted in these villages now maintaining a Village Biodiversity Register which is a major actionable intervention.


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