Firestone launches Vanhawk Multiseason, its first all-season tyre for vans


Firestone launches Vanhawk Multiseason, its first all-season tyre for vans

  • The Vanhawk Multiseason, Firestone’s first ever all-season tyre for light trucks in the European market, offers optimised fuel efficiency.
  • Certified by 3PMSF and M + S winter markings and with an EU label B-grade in wet grip, the Vanhawk Multiseason tyre is engineered to perform year-round in all weather conditions.

Firestone, the iconic tyre brand renowned for its durable and reliable products, has today announced the release of its first all-season tyre for light truck vehicles in the European market: the Vanhawk Multiseason. Firestone’s latest winter-ready, fuel efficient tyre is designed to perform year-round in all weather conditions. The Vanhawk Multiseason is the ideal tyre for small-medium sized fleet operations and private van drivers looking for the smart choice and maximised business efficiency.

The smart choice for businesses

Always striving to provide customers with value for money, durable tyres, Firestone has expanded its popular Vanhawk tyre family with its first all-season tyre in the segment. The Vanhawk Multiseason tyre offers optimised fuel efficiency, achieving an EU label C-grade in most sizes.[1] This has been enabled thanks to a balanced pattern stiffness to deliver robust performance in dry conditions, as well as solid mileage.

Designed to perform in all weather, all year

With a pattern design that applies optimised edges and sipes, the Firestone Vanhawk Multiseason tyre combines its fuel efficiency performance with winter-readiness. The tyre benefits from a compound design for good performance in the snow, which is further enhanced thanks to a development process that benefitted from extensive use of simulations and validations in the field. This is evidenced by the tyre’s 3 Peak Mountain Snow Flake (3PMSF) and Mud + Snow (M + S) markings, making it compliant with all winter legislation in Europe.

Firestone’s Vanhawk Multiseason tyre also achieves an EU label B-grade in wet grip. This high performance is thanks to an symmetric pattern that applies longitudinal grooves to maximise water evacuation. The tyre also features innovative nano-selective compound mixing technology for enhanced performance in the wet and snow. It provides better silica dispersion in Bridgestone’s Nano Pro-tech™ compound technology, which is used to form the tyre.

Strong and reliable performance

Developed in Europe, the latest addition to the Vanhawk family will be released in selected sizes in October 2020. With 19 different sizes between 15” to 16”, including three high load sizes (10PR), the new Firestone Vanhawk Multiseason will cover 84 per cent of the market[2] to accommodate almost every type of light truck vehicle and load.

Emilio Tiberio, Chief Technical Officer and Chief Operating Officer at Bridgestone EMIA, commented on the launch of the Firestone Vanhawk Multiseason: “Firestone has always prided itself on providing value for money tyres that offer strong and reliable performance. The Vanhawk Multiseason of course achieves that, but with the added bonus that it can deliver all year long even in the snow and wet, thanks to a holistic design. Alongside optimised fuel efficiency, the tyre is a great choice for small and medium fleets that need long-lasting tyres that can perform in all weather, all year. The Firestone Vanhawk Multiseason is here to help our customers optimise operational costs and maximise business efficiency all year long.”

[1] With some sizes achieving an EU label grade E in rolling resistance.

[2] Calculated based on the Summer Europool Demand.

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