Paris Motor Show 2018

Bridgestone brings new levels of convenience to drivers with leading-edge mobility solutions

Bridgestone premieres My Speedy and MOBOX offering consumers peace of mind

Bridgestone, the world’s largest tyre and rubber company, has today announced at Paris Motor Show 2018 the launch of predictive vehicle’s maintenance solution My Speedy and subscription service MOBOX. Bridgestone also announced the expansion of its proprietary and revolutionary DriveGuard Run-Flat Technology (RFT), becoming available on its main product lines as of November 2018. This represents a leap forward for everyday drivers in terms of safety, convenience and peace of mind.

Learn more on Bridgestone’s presence at Paris Motor Show 2018: https://www.bridgestonenewsroom.euhttps://cloud.brandmaster.com/brandportal/bridgestonepr/default/news-detail/416?lang=eu

Learn more on My Speedy: https://www.bridgestonenewsroom.euhttps://cloud.brandmaster.com/brandportal/bridgestonepr/default/news-detail/472?lang=eu

Learn more on MOBOX: https://www.bridgestonenewsroom.euhttps://cloud.brandmaster.com/brandportal/bridgestonepr/default/news-detail/473?lang=eu

Learn more on DriveGuard RFT available on Bridgestone’s main product lines: https://www.bridgestonenewsroom.euhttps://cloud.brandmaster.com/brandportal/bridgestonepr/default/news-detail/474?lang=eu

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