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Bridgestone at the Paris Motor Show 2018


Bridgestone at the Paris Motor Show 2018

Bridgestone is returning to the Paris Motor Show to present its leading-edge mobility solutions complementing its premium tyre products and services

Pavilion 1 - Stand B 222

Press days: 2 – 3 October. Public days: 4 – 14 October

Press conference at the Bridgestone booth on 2 October at 2.30 PM.

As the world’s number one tyre and rubber company[1], Bridgestone is committed to provide solutions to the real problems faced by people on the roads.

By combining its tyre industry expertise and strength in R&D, a deep understanding of drivers and the opportunities presented by macro-economic and societal trends, Bridgestone is pioneering new products, technologies and digital solutions to respond to consumers’ needs and help shape the future of mobility.

Bridgestone will premier two of its new mobility solutions at the Paris Motor Show. Designed to deliver peace of mind and convenience to everyday drivers, these solutions will be discussed in detail at the Bridgestone press conference.

Making driving more environmentally friendly

Part of the drive behind innovation at Bridgestone is environmental as demonstrated by the company’s CSR strategy ‘Our Way to Serve’ and one of its long-term goals to reduce CO2 emissions. Bridgestone is pursuing this by developing products that cut down on fuel consumption and associated carbon emissions while reducing the environmental impact in production and lifecycle. Examples that can be discovered at the Bridgestone booth include:

  • HSR – High Strength Rubber – The first polymer in the world to bond rubber and resins at the molecular level. It results in a synthetic rubber that is pliable but has a strength and abrasive resistance 2.5 times higher than natural rubber. This allows resources to be used more effectively and sustainably.
  • The Air-Free Concept tyre for bicycles – Its unique structure of spokes eliminates the need for inflation while effectively making the tyre immune to pressure loss and puncture-related problems and by then increasing its longevity. The whole package is also recyclable.
  • Ecopia tyres with ‘ologic’ technology – This award-winning[2] technology combines large diameters with narrow tread patterns. This results in improved aerodynamics and rolling resistance and as such, increased fuel efficiency and a cut to carbon emissions.

Bridgestone premium engineered tyres

A Bridgestone booth at the Paris Motor Show just wouldn’t be complete without Bridgestone flagship products on show:

  • Bridgestone Turanza T005 – The touring summer tyre known for delivering outstanding performance in the wet, excellent fuel economy and high mileage. Also fitted on the Maserati Levante showcased at the Bridgestone booth.
  • Bridgestone Weather Control A005 – Recently launched, the first ever all-season touring tyre from Bridgestone combines best-in-class wet grip with qualified snow performance and superior wear life. It delivers outstanding control and safety as well as year-round convenience.
  • Bridgestone Blizzak LM001 evo – The Bridgestone winter touring tyre that delivers outstanding control in all winter conditions.

Bridgestone’s main product lines will soon be available with an extra feature that delivers extra peace of mind for drivers. All will be revealed at the Paris Motor Show!

The competitive Firestone line-up

As well as the Bridgestone line-up, Firestone will be attracting attention with a well-chosen range of flagship products on display:

  • Firestone summer tyre - Awarded the top A-Grade EU label, ‘Roadhawk’ offers best-in-class wet grip and best-in-class dry braking performance. If this wasn’t enough, it’s also engineered for a long-lasting, high-performance lifespan.
  • Firestone all-season tyre - The weather will never catch you by surprise when you have ‘Multiseason’ tyres fitted: this tyre has been created to perform at high standards in all seasons and conditions. A solution that saves time and money.
  • Firestone winter tyre – ‘Winterhawk 3’ has been specifically engineered to deliver everything drivers need when driving on winter roads: balance, responsiveness and ultra-reliable handling that drivers can always count on.

Pass by the Bridgestone booth and attend the press conference (October 2nd at 2.30 PM, at Bridgestone booth) to discover more about this strong range of tyres and the new mobility solutions pioneered to keep drivers going, no matter what.

[1] Based on 2016 tyre sales. Source: Tire Business 2017 – Global Tire Company Rankings.

[2] Bridgestone’s “ologic” technology was voted “Tire Technology of the Year” in the Tire Technology International Awards for Innovation and Excellence 2014.

Media information: Liesbeth Denys, Head of PR and Corporate Communications, Bridgestone in EMEA: +32 478 78 26 22

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