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Bridgestone collaborates with Scoobic to provide premium tyres, maintenance and telematics for its electric vehicles, and boost sustainable last-mile mobility

  • Bridgestone and its retail network will provide premium tyres and maintenance for Scoobic electric vehicles (EVs).
  • The new Scoobic vehicles will come equipped with Webfleet Solutions’ factory-installed fleet management technology, which alerts fleet managers and drivers of any issues, helps plan maintenance in time and manage EVs efficiently and effectively.
  • The agreement includes all European countries in which both Bridgestone and Scoobic are active.
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Bridgestone, a global leader in tyres and rubber providing solutions for safe and sustainable mobility, and its subsidiary Webfleet Solutions, Europe’s leading telematics solution provider, have reached an agreement with Scoobic Urban Mobility, a company that designs and manufactures 100% electric last-mile and urban delivery fleet vehicles. The deal offers an integrated solutions package for Scoobic customers. All new Scoobic vehicles will come equipped with factory-installed fleet management technology from Webfleet Solutions, and will be fitted with premium Bridgestone tyres. Bridgestone’s retail network of service locations specialising in tyres and integrated car maintenance will maintain Scoobic’s electric fleet and replace tyres when necessary.

The European-level agreement covers operations in all countries where both companies are active. Service is already being provided in Spain, France and Italy, and will soon be expanded to other markets such as Germany, Poland and the United Kingdom.  

Scoobic aims to be at the forefront of the last-mile delivery market segment in Europe, which is expected to grow significantly in the coming years. The company offers public and private operators last-mile delivery and urban mobility services through its 100% electric fleet of vehicles, on a pay-per-use model. At the same time, Scoobic will leverage the telematics data to provide advanced proactive maintenance services to its customers, which include Correos, Amazon, Carrefour and Heineken.

As part of its commitment to help shape a sustainable future of mobility, Bridgestone is investing to make electric mobility more efficient and accessible to drivers and fleets. Through a fully integrated approach, Bridgestone is pioneering premium tyres and tyre technologies for EVs and dedicated fleet and mobility solutions, while also partnering with leading EV manufacturers, such as Fisker and offering end-to-end services across its EV-ready retail and service network. 

Greater safety and efficiency thanks to state-of-the-art fleet management systems

Webfleet Solutions offers state-of-the-art, data-driven telematics solutions for fleet management, enabling safer, more efficient and more profitable operations. Its software-as-a-service solution, WEBFLEET, can be used by Scoobic customers to manage their operations efficiently. It includes the EV solution system, which provides information on battery level, charging time and nearest charging points. WEBFLEET also issues alerts when it identifies that a vehicle needs to be checked, enabling greater safety and reduced vehicle downtime.

This information will be extremely valuable for fleet managers, with the data allowing them to optimise their workforce planning in accordance with each vehicle’s battery charge while also improving customer service and enhancing driving standards within the company. The information greatly benefits last-mile delivery companies, allowing them to plan the most appropriate routes based on the remaining driving range until charging is necessary. In addition, since Scoobic vehicles are 100% electric, they can access areas with more stringent emission regulations.

Leveraging Bridgestone’s retail network for EV maintenance

Throughout the region, Bridgestone will be putting its entire retail network at the disposal of Scoobic, enabling access to continuous fleet maintenance. Bridgestone’s EV-ready retail and service network which includes First Stop and Speedy, will supply premium tyres and vehicle maintenance to Scoobic’s electric vehicles. In addition to this, First Stop Spain will also provide charging services to these vehicles via its growing network of charging points.

Daniel Giroud, CSO of Bridgestone EMIA, commented “We are delighted to collaborate with Scoobic to help achieve more sustainable and environmentally friendly mobility. The partnership underpins our commitments to provide an end-to-end suite of integrated services to enable safe and sustainable mobility, through supporting the electrification of fleets in the distribution sector and to reduce polluting gas emissions in cities. With simplified EV management, charging and maintenance we are helping companies to manage their electric vehicles in a smarter and more profitable way.”

Jose Maria Gómez, CEO at Scoobic, also commented: “This agreement has many advantages for Scoobic customers. It provides them the opportunity to improve workforce efficiency by up to 30% while also decarbonising their business and reducing their environmental footprint in cities. In addition, they will also be able to take advantage of the state-of-the-art, innovative, factory-installed fleet management systems and optimisation tools offered by Webfleet Solutions, as well as a highly experienced and widespread network of car service centres for maintenance.”

Media information: Jessica Vandenbruggen, PR and Communications Manager, Bridgestone EMIA: +32 489 10 19 94

About Bridgestone in Europe, Russia, Middle East, India, and Africa:

Bridgestone in Europe, Russia, Middle East, India, and Africa (Bridgestone EMIA) is the regional Strategic Business Unit of Bridgestone Corporation, a global leader in tyres and rubber building on its expertise to provide solutions for safe and sustainable mobility. Headquartered in Zaventem (Belgium), Bridgestone EMIA employs more than 20,000 people and conducts business in 40 countries across the region. Bridgestone offers a diverse product portfolio of premium tyres and advanced solutions, backed by innovative technologies, improving the way people around the world move, live, work and play.








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About First Stop

First Stop is a pan-European network of providers specialising in tyres and comprehensive car maintenance. In Spain and Portugal, the network has 400 car service centres. In Europe, the First Stop network is established in 25 countries and it has over 2,000 points of sale.

The aim of First Stop is to meet the needs and expectations of its customers, always striving to achieve excellence in Quality and Customer Care, offering the best service at all times and everywhere, through a business concept that transmits confidence, professionalism and prestige.

This is why we have developed and strengthened the concept of “Trusted Car Service Centre, breaking away from the traditional idea of garages. The First Stop centres gain customer loyalty by providing a comprehensive service aimed at maintaining their vehicle in optimum condition, not just the tyres. To achieve this, they have modern facilities, highly qualified professionals, offering objective advice, national and European coverage, clarity in pricing, and a complete package of quality products (tyres and other products related to car maintenance).

About Webfleet Solutions (A Bridgestone company)

Webfleet Solutions is one of the world’s leading providers of telematics solutions for fleet management, vehicle telematics and connected car services. The WEBFLEET platform is used by companies of all sizes in order to increase the efficiency of vehicle use, reduce operating costs, provide ongoing driver support and increase the overall efficiency of the fleet. In addition, Webfleet Solutions provides services for the insurance industry, rental and leasing, car importers and companies serving both businesses and consumers. Webfleet Solutions is used by more than 50,000 customers worldwide, providing them with the industry’s largest support network and the widest range of dedicated applications and integration tools. Webfleet Solutions provides customers with the highest standard of security, integrity and availability of services certified according to ISO/IEC 27001:2013 (Audit in November 2020) as well as providing to society the highest standard of sustainability according to ISO/IEC 14001:2015 (Audit in November 2020).

Webfleet Solutions is part of Bridgestone Europe NV/SA (“Bridgestone”), a subsidiary of Bridgestone Corporation, a global leader in tyres and rubber building on its expertise to provide solutions for safe and sustainable mobility.

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About Scoobic

Scoobic Urban Mobility is a Spanish engineering and design company, specialising in the design, manufacture and sale of last-mile 100% electric vehicles.

Scoobic markets its vehicles under the purchase, leasing and pay-per-use category, in full expansion, and active in Spain and abroad in countries that include France, Italy and Austria.

Scoobic aims to provide a new concept of electric vehicles specifically designed for cities, 100% electric, last-mile delivery vehicles that reduce accident rates thanks to their innovative patented safety systems, which allow urban last-mile logistics to be transformed into a new model in which emissions are reduced, cities gain habitability for their citizens and the efficiency of last mile delivery companies is improved.