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Bridgestone gears up with launch of e-bike subscription scheme Mobeflex


Bridgestone gears up with launch of e-bike subscription scheme Mobeflex

  • Mobeflex offers a subscription to a selection of premium e-bikes that each come with all-inclusive warranty
  • The scheme is designed to promote environmentally friendly, smart city mobility in major French cities – including Paris, Rennes and Marseille
  • The launch marks another step on Bridgestone’s transformation journey from a tyre producer into a leader in mobility solutions

Bridgestone is changing the way people move with Mobeflex, a new subscription scheme for e-bikes coming to major French cities that makes e-bikes available to all. With global megatrends now challenging how people traditionally travel in urban areas, Mobeflex is a new alternative that promotes affordable and environmentally friendly smart city mobility.

Mobeflex offers bikers adjustable e-bike packages that includes choice of a selection of premium e-bikes and all-inclusive warranty, including maintenance cover and 24/7 breakdown assistance. The flexible offer allows to choose the duration of the contract and the type of bike servicing all types of e-bike users including city dwellers, sports fanatics as well as recreational bikers.

Accessible, environmentally friendly mobility

Today global megatrends are transforming the future of mobility. Urbanisation, climate change, dwindling natural resources, digitisation and CASE (Connected, Autonomous, Shared and Electric) mobility are all challenging how people traditionally travel.

In the face of these opportunities, and to fulfil its mission to improve the way people, work, live, play and move, Bridgestone’s business in EMEA is rapidly transforming from a tyre producer into a leader in mobility solutions. This transformation has seen Bridgestone expand its portfolio in recent years with several digital solutions that offer convenience and peace of mind to customers – including Mobox, a subscription-based service for tyres and vehicle maintenance.

Now, with the launch of Mobeflex, Bridgestone is changing the way people move by pioneering an affordable and accessible subscription scheme for e-bikes in major French cities – including Paris, Rennes and Marseille. From just €59 per month, Mobeflex customers can choose from a selection of premium road, mountain, urban and racing bikes, each with quality batteries that are tailored to the specific travel needs of the user.

Registration to Mobeflex is quick and easy through our Mobeflex partner network, and contracts are fully flexible to the needs of the user. Between 6-36 months, any subscription duration can be chosen. And Mobeflex users have the option to choose a longer or shorter contract duration at any time.

Also included in the affordable Mobeflex subscription package is an all-inclusive warranty. This consists of maintenance cover – including two paid-for tyres per year – and damage cover provided by the network of expert local Mobeflex dealers. Mobeflex subscription also comes with theft cover and 24/7 breakdown assistance.

Laurent Dartoux, Chief Strategy & Marketing Officer, Bridgestone EMEA, commented: “We are always aiming to answer the real challenges drivers are facing on the road as best we can. Urbanisation, climate change and dwindling natural resources are no doubt the biggest we face as a world and industry. Mobeflex was about building a creative solution that could alleviate those challenges. By offering a cost and environmentally friendly urban mobility option, I’m proud to say we’ve achieved that. I can’t wait to see how people start adding Mobeflex into their daily travel routines.”

Pioneering with local partners

Because of its great environment for pioneering new solutions and products, France was selected as the test country for Mobeflex’s European launch. Bridgestone is being supported with the launch by an expanding network of local partners selected because of their expertise in this field.

Check out the video to learn more about Mobeflex!

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