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Bridgestone’s Blizzak LM005 continues to win top prizes across Europe


Bridgestone's Blizzak LM005 continues to win top prizes across Europe

  • Bridgestone’s flagship winter tyre is named 2020 winter tyre test winner by prestigious German publications auto motor und sport, ACE Auto Club Europa, Autozeitung and Auto Bild sportscars.
  • Tyre wins the same accolade in tests run by prominent UK magazine Auto Express.
  • Results come after Blizzak LM005 was named best-in-class in ADAC’s 2020 winter tyre test.

Bridgestone’s flagship winter tyre, the Blizzak LM005, has recently picked up a string of award wins from renowned European test magazines. The UK’s Auto Express and Germany’s auto motor und sport, ACE Auto Club Europa, Autozeitung and Auto Bild sportscars all named the Blizzak LM005, which was launched by Bridgestone in early 2019, winner of their respective 2020 winter tyre tests.

Making its debut appearance in the Auto Express winter tyre test, the Blizzak LM005 was given an overall score of 100% to win the award ahead of nine competing tyres and was deemed “an ideal tyre for British winters”. Tested in the 205/55R16 size on the VW Golf, the tyre received first place in four of the 11 categories: straight hydroplaning, wet braking, wet handling and dry braking. The Blizzak LM005 also picked up second place for curved hydroplaning, wet circle and cabin noise.

In the auto motor und sport winter test, the Blizzak LM005, tested in 225/50R17 on the BMW 3 Series, was named overall best in the wet category, achieving best-in-class for wet breaking and handling. The tyre, which also scored best in lateral grip in the snow, was named overall test winner by auto motor und sport ahead of nine other entrants and declared a “very safe allrounder”.

The Blizzak LM005 was also tested in 225/50R17 when named test winner over eight other tyres in ACE Auto Club Europa’s 2020 winter test. Driven on the BMW 3 Series, the Bridgestone tyre scored highest on snow overall after collecting the most points in all single snow tests, the best in wet handling and wet braking, and best in dry braking to become the test’s only tyre in the “very recommendable” category.

After testing 14 winter profiles in 205/55R16 on the VW Golf 8 for its own 2020 winter tyre test, Autozeitung named the Blizzak LM005 overall test winner, ahead of the new Goodyear UltraGrip 9+ and Maxxis Premitra Snow WP6, as well as established profiles including the Continental WinterContact TS 860. The Bridgestone tyre was placed in the publication’s “very recommendable” category and deemed “outstanding”.

Auto Bild sportscars, a magazine for sporty, prestige and tuner cars from fellow German automotive publication Auto Bild, also named the Blizzak LM005 its winter tyre test winner. Coming top ahead of 11 other tyres, Bridgestone’s flagship winter tyre received recognition for its performance in the wet. Tested in 225/40R18 on the VW Golf GTI, the tyre was awarded best in wet overall, best wet-handling and best wet lateral.

In its own winter tyre test, Auto Bild gave the Bridgestone Blizzak LM005 second place of over 50 entrants in its winter test. The tyre was evaluated as “exemplary” after scoring best in braking qualification in both the wet and snow, best in wet braking and best in the wet overall. Furthermore, in the SUV winter tyre test of Auto Bild’s SUV magazine, ALLRAD, the Blizzak LM005 was rated second out of 10 tyres – again declared as “exemplary”. The tyre was rated best in dry handling, best in dry overall, and best in wet braking.

These accolades come after ADAC, the largest motoring association in Europe, gave the Blizzak LM005 the best rating of all 15 profiles involved in its 2020 winter tyre test. The tyre also received top marks in the 2019 tests run by AMS, Auto Bild and firmenauto. Auto Bild named Bridgestone "Manufacturer of the Year" Winter Tyre 2019/20 in the same round of testing.

Exceptional control, safety and peace of mind in challenging conditions

Bridgestone’s Blizzak LM005 has been engineered to give drivers optimum performance in the wet, snow and on ice. With the help of research collected from 20,000 drivers across Europe on the real challenges they face on winter roads, the Bridgestone team created a tyre that delivers exceptional control, safety and peace of mind in challenging conditions.

The tyre is available now in 171 sizes from 14” to 22”. 3PMSF and M+S markings make it compliant with all winter legislations in Europe.

Commenting on the tyre’s latest award wins was Emilio Tiberio, Chief Operating Officer and Chief Technology Officer, Bridgestone EMIA: “The Blizzak LM005 is proving to be one of our most successful tyres of all time, not only in terms of its success on the road, but also in the recognition it is receiving off it. The appreciation we’re seeing now is the result of our industry-leading investment in tyre research and development; a huge amount of hard work and dedication went into this tyre to ensure that it would help address the most common and pressing concerns people have when driving in the winter months. It’s great to see the independent testing methods recognise and reward these performance features.”

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