New Firestone Firehawk Sport delivers power and quality sporty drivers can depend on

  • Building on its strong legacy, the Firestone brand delivers an affordable, high-performance summer tyre with the new Firehawk Sport. 
  • Drivers will benefit from an exceptional driving experience with sharp steering response, outstanding grip in wet conditions and excellent dry braking1.
  • The Firestone Firehawk Sport is designed to meet the expectations and needs of sporty drivers, allowing them to rediscover the thrill of driving.

The Firehawk Sport is Firestone’s latest high-performance summer tyre for drivers looking to feel empowered and in control at all times. The new tyre enables sharp steering response, outstanding grip in wet conditions, and excellent dry braking1.

The Firestone brand has always been associated with excellent value, and is well-known for its combination of driving excellence and reliability. Founded over a century ago, the brand has long brought its philosophy and pioneering spirit to roads and racetracks. Building on its strong legacy, the latest addition to the Firestone range, the Firehawk Sport, has been designed with the expectations and needs of driving enthusiasts in mind.

Developed and manufactured in Europe, the new tyre offers superb handling and reliable all-surface grip in all conditions and is the ideal choice for drivers looking to rediscover the thrill of driving. For every sporty driver – from the long-distance driver to the car fanatic – the Firestone Firehawk Sport covers a range of driver personalities, never compromising on safety or affordability.  

Cutting-edge performance brought to life by new design

The Firestone Firehawk Sport delivers sharp steering response, providing vehicle control and enabling high cornering speeds when taking a turn. This is made possible by a sporty tyre profile, asymmetric wall angles, and virtual optimisation of the contact patch all adding confidence when driving.

The new tyre also provides outstanding controllability and grip in wet conditions, achieving an EU Label Grade A in wet grip. Behind this performance is optimised rib and void distribution, a variable rib profile and innovative mixing technology used in its compound design.

Compared to its predecessor, the Firehawk SZ90mu, the Firestone Firehawk Sport also gives drivers excellent dry braking with a 9% shorter stopping distance1. The tyre’s sport profile also benefits this, while supported by optimised sipe depth and skid depth.

The tyre to continue Firestone’s unrivalled legacy

The new Firestone Firehawk Sport will be available in 36 sizes from 18” to 20” to cover a wide range of everyday vehicles and sports cars. Its benefits are not only brought to a large array of vehicles for all sporty drivers, but to both traditional and electric vehicles as well.

“The Firestone Firehawk Sport is a tyre that sums up the Firestone brand,” said Steven De Bock, Vice President Consumer Replacement and OE at Bridgestone EMIA. “It embodies the dependability and assurance of quality the Firestone brand has been known for, for over 100 years – all while remaining at an affordable price point. But it is also a tyre that will reignite our customers’ driving passion or take it to the next level.

“This is a tyre that works hard so you can play hard; helping you feel the power between the wheel and the road, while assuring you that you stay in control at all times.”


*1 Based on the internal tests carried out on Firestone Firehawk Sport vs. Firehawk SZ90mu, ref. 225/40 R18

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