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Firestone welcomes its new Roadhawk tyre

A brand and a tyre that are both built to perform longer

Firestone welcomes its new Roadhawk tyre

A brand and a tyre that are both built to perform longer

With the release of its new Roadhawk tyre, Firestone continues to deliver on its promise to revitalise the iconic American brand.

In 2014, Firestone committed to re-energising its brand in Europe by investing in its products, lineup and activations. In only three and a half years, Firestone stayed true to its commitment to invest in its brand and Roadhawk is the sixth tyre that it introduced to the market.

Completing the lineup

Roadhawk is a tyre for everyone and the result of feedback collected from more than 1.000 European drivers. After extensive market research, it became clear that drivers want a tyre with long-lasting performance. From wet weather conditions, to stop-and-go traffic and highway driving, drivers need a touring tyre that they can count on and feel safe going the distance with. Roadhawk is that tyre; it completes Firestone’s updated product lineup.

The right tyre

A tyre needs to survive the day-to-day demands of commuting to work, doing errands and picking up the kids. Tested and certified by TÜV SÜD, the largest independent institute for tyre and wheel technology in Europe, Roadhawk is an outstanding tyre designed to tackle everyday.

Built to perform longer

Roadhawk is engineered to provide long-lasting performance throughout its life span. Independently tested by TÜV SÜD, Roadhawk outperforms its competitors in wet conditions after 20,000 kilometres of wear.[1] It also offers up to 20% better wear performance[2] than its predecessor Firestone TZ300.

Best in class wet grip

With its unique tread pattern and specially-developed rubber compounds, Firestone Roadhawk achieves the highest “A” EU-label grade for wet grip performance.

Best in class dry braking

Independent TÜV SÜD tests prove that Roadhawk also provides best in class dry braking performance,[3] with braking distances up to 3 metres shorter than competitors’ tyres.

Its lightweight carcass is tuned for low rolling resistance,[4] which reduces fuel consumption.

Following the trend for larger rims on family cars and touring models, Roadhawk will cover 15” to 19” rim sizes.

Built for the people

“Roadhawk is a tyre that you can always count on; it’s like a best friend, and just like true friendship, Roadhawk is built to perform longer” shares Thierry Jupsin, Director of Brands Marketing at Bridgestone Europe.

Friendship has always been part of the Firestone story. Founder Harvey Firestone was friend with some of the greatest pioneers of the twentieth century - Henry Ford, Thomas Edison and John Burroughs - and together, these four men exchanged ideas, supported each other and changed the world in their respective fields.

The innovative spirits of Harvey Firestone and his friends set the standard for our brand and its products. Firestone Roadhawk is a friend you can count on to support you on the road for this kilometre and many kilometres to come.

1) Outperforms main competitors in aquaplaning straight line and aquaplaning curve. Test carried out by TÜV SÜD on the request of Bridgestone between July and September 2016 with the tyres Firestone Roadhawk, UniRoyal Rainsport 3, Kleber Dynaxer HP3, Fulda EcoControl HP, Nexen NBlue HD+. Tyres purchased on the European market by TÜV SÜD. Testing performed on fleet cars VW Golf 7, driven for 20,000km. Report No. 713086643-BM.

2) Compared to the Firestone TZ300. Internal test carried out at Bridgestone’s testing ground in Rome in March 2016, on size 205/55 R16 91V.

3) Compared to UniRoyal Rainsport 3, Kleber Dynaxer HP3, Fulda EcoControl HP, Nexen NBlue HD+. Test carried out by TÜV SÜD on the request of Bridgestone between July and September 2016 at ATP Papenburg on tyre size 205/55 R16 91V. Tyres purchased on the European market by TÜV SÜD. Test car: VW Golf 7. Report No. 713086643.

4) New Firestone Roadhawk achieves the “C” EU-label grade in RRC

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