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Olympic Day

Bridgestone celebrates

Bridgestone celebrates Olympic Day

Every year on 23rd June, Olympic Day celebrates the birth of the modern Olympic Games. Athletes and fans from nations all over the world come together to inspire others to get moving and participate in sporting events. Bridgestone is a Worldwide Olympic Partner for the summer and winter editions of the Olympic Games until 2024.

In Europe, this partnership is celebrated through the brand campaign ‘Chase Your Dream, No Matter What’. With this motivational campaign, Bridgestone aims to encourage people of all ages, abilities and passions to find the strength to chase their dream and overcome the obstacles they face on life’s journey.

The campaign is brought to life through outstanding Olympians - each with inspirational stories of fighting adversity. These athletes, including Daley Thompson (UK), Fabian Hambüchen (Germany), Valeria Straneo (Italy), demonstrate how they overcame their extraordinary struggles to fulfil their sporting dreams and reach Olympic success. Like the Olympic movement, Bridgestone has always understood that the journey is as important as the destination.

As the first tyre company in history to join the Olympic Partner program, Bridgestone is embarking on a journey to endorse the fundamental principles of Olympism –putting sport at the heart of people, with a view to promoting a peaceful world and connecting us to one another.

In fact, Bridgestone EMEA employees come together to collect kilometers in the name of charity and cancer prevention. Through an online platform, which has been running for the last 6 months, the Olympic spirit has been ignited and encouraged people to get moving. Of course, to make it just that more interesting, specific challenges were proposed each month to keep everyone’s spirits alight and provide a roadmap to a healthier lifestyle and communities as part of our ‘Our Way to Serve’ CSR initiative.

During the past months, more than 3 200 participants joined together and collected already over

1 million kilometers - a fantastic achievement! Whether walking, cycling, swimming, running, taking the stairs or even gardening, everything counted towards reaching our global goal!

But we shouldn’t lose focus and momentum, everyone should use Olympic Day as a chance to try something new and encourage friends and family to join in too, don’t wait for the next Olympics to start chasing your dreams!